Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday mornings.... Why do we have them again?

Need I say more? I am not one to complain...well maybe I am=) I just like sleep and when you have two girls a year apart that are 1 & 2, the wonderful world of sleep is just not apart of your life. I do get to sleep in one day a week. Nathan is kind enough to give me one day to pretend I am childless. I treasure that morning more then any one could ever know. I love the girls, and our time together... but the love affair I have with sleep makes me wish I would have cherished our time together oh so much more. LOL... OK OK I will stop.
On a more serious note, I did a pregnancy shoot
this weekend. I went and bought back drops at the fabric store and figured out a way to hang them up in my living room. I put Nathan to work screwing in 19 hooks...(I don't think he was thrilled about it, I am lucky he loves me.) it worked out great! Kelii came and took a lot of shots! We tried a lot of ideas I had, and most of them turned out great! Her four year old daughter came with her, I got some great pics of her kissing the belly and tickling the belly, sooo cute. I am excited to say I have booked two wedding so far for the summer, and I have my first paid shoot coming up. It is such an amazing feeling to have this work out, that a dream you have had for a long, long time be unfolding right in front of you. I was not sure at first if people would be willing to let me use them as guinea pigs, but they love it! Thank goodness!
I have a shoot today in the park with my nephew, and another right after with a friend. I can use all the practice I can get. My friend Amber does hair so we will be trading our talents.
Here is a couple shots from this weekend.


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