Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A long one!!!

When I first stared this blog I made a promise to myself that I would keep up with it! As you can see it has bee over two months since I last posted anything...oops. Well today will be a re-cap/cram session of what has gone on in our lives. So I hope you enjoy=) When we left off last we had spent a day in Rockaway with Nathan's family.
The next Big adventure was LAS VEGAS!!!! My Mom ,brother, and I flew to Vegas for six days. We left on August 10th. This is the first time that we have ever gone anywhere just the three of us. It is somthing I will never forget. We had a great time minus the bag of stuff I left in a cab totaling around $300! (Oh well) The first night was great we
went shopping and played some slots! Daniel won like$100 in the first twenty minutes!!! A few of my friends had flown to Vegas a couple days before so we all met up did some shopping and had some drinks it was Great!
That night we went to NOVE an Italian restaurant at the Palms where we stayed. It was the best food I have ever had! We had a great time. We left on Sunday evening for Utah. My Grandpa, Grandma, and Dad all live in southern Utah so we rented a car and drove there for a few days. I had not seen my Grandpa in a long time, like six years! I use to live in Utah when I was in Jr. High so it was great to go back and see how things have changed. I even got to visit with my best friend Brandi from Jr. High. It was crazy! I have a lot of Family that live in Utah all on my Dads side. I have a lot of great memories of them and so it was nice to go back and see everyone. On Tuesday we drove to Parowen, Utah where my real Grandma is buried. We got to see the house my grandpa grew up in and the house his mother was born in. We have never done any of this with my Mom it was nice for her to be able to see everything. We drove threw Brian head(no snow this time of year) then to Canyon Cliffs then on threw Zion National park. I had done all this as a kid but never appreciated it as much. I never really took it all in like I did this time. It is too bad what we miss as children. We don't take things for there beauty. We look around and say wow a couple times then get back in the car and put our headphones on and read our Teen After we did our visiting in Utah it was back to Vegas for the day then we headed home. It was a great time.
Our next adventure of the summer was Cannon beach with my Mom and all four kids! It was the perfect day. The water was warn the sun was shining! The kids had a blast! Alexis and Brandon played in the water for hours. Maddy loved playing in the sand and water. We had a great time. Trin even played in the sand. We had lunch and Pig'n'Pancake. Played in the Arcade, got some salt water taffy. It was a perfect day trip!
Well My 28th Birthday was the next event of the summer... not that I was too excited to turn 28!!! Well at least I am still in my Twenties.... lol We went to dinner at Sakura of Japan.. kinda like Benihanas. It was fun. Then on Sunday my mom took me shopping and spoiled me. I got lots of new clothes it was Sweet!!!
So are you bored yet?? Well I am not done sorry heehee... We got to go Shotting around that time too. It is Nathans favorite thing to do so we went up for a few hours just Nathan, Brandon and my self. Brandon had a blast!
Nathan big event for the Summer was going Camping!!!! We went for the night with Alexis, Brandon, Trent, & Heidi. It was awesome! Brandon and Alexis had so much fun making fire. They both had there own. I made beef stew and read my Book. Trent, Nathan, and Brandon went on a hike.... got kinda lost and didn't come back for three hours!!! They were all dirty and sweating, Brandon didn't have a shirt on and got some scratches from bushes when they had to climb up a hill that was all over grown. Nathan had to carry him on his back!!! Poor guys!!! The next morning me made breakfast and hung out for a bit. The kids got some cardboard and slid down this big hill it was so hilarious. Trent even tried a few times! So so funny.
It the mist of all this fun My best friend moved away! I am sad to see h
er go but I think it is one of the best decisions she could have made. I miss her everyday and love her so much. I hope she gets to come visit soon=) Oh ya and Trinity started crawling! Maddy is talking more ,they are growing up so Fast!!!!
Well the summer is officially over! It is raining and stormy now. It is nice to wear jeans and hoodies again I love it!!! The kids started School, leaves are falling. The best news we have I have kept for last. Alexis and Brandon are now here more! Nathan and I moved October 1st. We moved just around the corner from the kids. I get them every Tuesday after School they spend the night and go home home the next day, we get them Friday AND Saturday nights now too. So I see them more I am closer to them and Life it good!! Moving was not fun but it is over now! We are slowly unpacking and getting things organized. It is a new Chapter in our lives and I look froward to making more memories.
We are excited for Tracie and Ricky to get here I can't wait. Well I have gone on and on. Thanks for checking in on us, and i promise I will keep up with bloging!!! Love ya!!!


Ricky & Tracie said...

hi! i'm so glad you updated your blog!!! we're excited to see you too...

take care. love and hugs for all of you!


Courtney said... summer! We did almost the same things. Camping, to Rockaway beach, and Cannon Beach! The kids are adorable, as always! Now that you are a little bit closer, we need to get together more!

taoissilent said...

Awesome narrative writing- i love reading about your summer!

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