Sunday, July 29, 2007

Maddys First Trip to the Beach

We went to Rockaway toady to visit Nathans Grandparents and the Family. We had lunch and a couple cakes to celebrate all the different Birthdays. We went down to the Beach it was the first time Maddy had been to the ocean. It was so much fun to watch her and all the expressions on her face she called it Ba, Ba, this is what she refers to all water. It is her word for bath.

She ran for the water! She was so excited. It was so funny.

She got a little wet then decided she was a little scared. She had to hold Nathans hand the rest of the time. She wouldn't let go! She played in the sand a bit she liked it a lot.

She finally let Uncle Gabe hold her and and play in the water. It was great! Gabe got more wet then I think he wanted to. Maddy had fun, and
that is all that matters!


Ricky & Tracie said...

how sweeet!! i can just imagine what it was like when she saw the water. it sounds like fun. all these new experiences for her are probably so much fun! love you guys

taoissilent said...


Great photography!

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