Monday, July 19, 2010

Fourth of July weekend

We have been busy and blogging has been put on the back burner. I have tried to sit down about twenty times and do this. My sister in law said it well in a blog post she wrote. Having a baby and little ones and life in general can just prevent you from doing some of the things you once took joy in doing.
So here is the run down on the big independence weekend.
Saturday the third we went to Rockaway Beach, Or to see Nathans Great Grandparents and some of the family. Every year we all meet up and catch up. Everyone got to meet Jacob and love on him! We met Means boyfriend Max who was super funny and a sweet heart! Collin shared his news of moving to Spain for a year, lucky him! Gabe told every one of his plans to join the Army and go to West Point. Burse and Peg are ready to move back to Oregon but have a couple more years on the east coast. Jay Carolyn and the kiddos are doing great and Hannah is a doll!
When we got to Rockaway there were fire tucks ambulance and helicopters on the beach. We heard on the police scanner say that they were looking for two people in the water. One was found right away and the other they searched hours for. It really put everyone in a somber mood. We never heard if they found the person by the time we left. When we were down on the beach letting the girls play in the water they were still looking. It was really sad.
On a lighter note Jacob really enjoyed his first time at the beach he liked putting his feet in the water. We had a great time and the weather was perfect!
We got home around 8 after stopping to let the girls go to the bathroom five times and Maddy and a little spell of car sickens.
On the fourth a bunch a friend’s a family came over we had some bbq and some fireworks. The kids had a blast! It was a nice relaxing no big accidents day! Jacob loved it but fell asleep at 8:30 and did not wake up once!


patti said...

What a nice post! Love the pictures.

Tracie and Ricky said...

i wanna hold jacob!! he looks like he's gonna be a football player!

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