Friday, June 4, 2010

Seattle Aquarium

Nathan and I took all five kids to Seattle a couple weeks ago. We thought that they would love it and we needed a family day. The last month or so we had been doing a lot of spring cleaning and fixing the house up. The older kids were really tired of all the cleaning and yard work so we took the weekend off and had a little fun.

We got there around lunch time, ate fish n chips oysters in the half shell and lots of cotton candy and caramel apples. Then we headed to the Aquarium. For the price it is pretty small the big kids were not impressed but the girls loved every minute of it. They played in the tide pools touched star fish and sea urchins. They had a great time. It was really crowded so I would suggest not going on a Saturday. Jacob was great he loved looking at all the weird stuff.

After the aquarium we took the Ferry over to Bainbridge Island. Now I am not a fan of boats but it was worth it to make the kids happy. They all liked it and wanted to ride it again. Lucky for us it was really nice weather on the ride over not so lucky on the ride back it started pouring down rain, so we stayed inside and enjoyed the view from our seats. Once we got back we headed over to the arcade. they have a merry go round, air hockey and plenty more games to keep the kids busy while we waited to be seated at The Crab Pot. It is our favorite restaurant and we always go every time we visit Seattle. The kids had so much fun! They give you a wood board and a mallet; pour all the food on the table and you dig in!! We had a blast!!! Brandon loved it Alexis not so much, she did like the crab..

After dinner we headed home. We are thinking next time we will just take the big kids and go out on a fast boat and see some more upbeat attractions =)


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