Saturday, May 15, 2010

Depot Bay, OR beach trip with loverface

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I went to the beach for a first time get away since the baby was born. It was very much needed and we had a blast! It was a four bedroom house with a hot tub. We spent a lot of time in there it was so nice to sit in the hot tub while it rained.

Saturday we walked down to the beach there we so many pretty things as we walked. The actual beach was scary the waves were breaking huge, and there was not a lot of beach before they broke! I was a little scared! I stayed on the stairs after a quick walk out and back in 20 seconds. Here in the NW it is not like the hot beaches in Mexico!

Saturday we woke up late the best feeling ever to lay around and not have to do anything! Nathan woke up first and made coffee he woke me up at noon!! We ate a light breakfast then walked around and then down to the beach. For lunch we ate at the Sea Hag, what a great name! It had some good food, freshly caught halibut for the fish and chips fresh crab for the crab cakes and Nathans favorite Oysters in the half shell, YUM!! We got some sea shells for the girls and checked out a couple look out points that were amazing. Nathan had never been to a casino so we went to the one in Lincoln City we were there for twenty minutes and won 34 dollars! So we took our winnings and left. That night we sat and talked a lot in the hot tub under the stars. Sounds cheesy but it was so needed!

Sunday we woke up at a good time cleaned up and before driving home stopped at Pig 'n Pancake I had eggs benedict and he and french toast, we shared. We chatted and soaked up our last moments. Then we had a good drive home and talked about a lot of things. It was a great time. We really need to spend alone time more often!

Thanks to Lauren and Grandma Patti for taking the kids!! You did great and we really needed it!
So thank you a million times thank you!

The house we stayed in

Taking pictures as we walked to the beach

The beach. The sun broke after about twenty minutes of pouring rain

My loverface
I love him so so much!

Breathtaking I loved this look out point!
Really close to a cliff that dropped off... Yikes
Yummy! And a great name!


patti said...

Love the photos! And so glad that you were renewed by spending some alone time together. It's GOOD for a marriage. Sometimes you can't get it though, and if that's the case you will learn to get "alone time" in smaller bites. Make the most of them!
We loved having the kids but noticed that three is much more work than two!

Tracie and Ricky said...

Your photos are AMAZING!!! I especially like the little flower and the coast/waves shot. SO so beautiful. I am super jealous of your little getaway and so happy for you to get some time away, you deserve it! You both look great in your pictures. i miss you!

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