Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!!

I am officially being induced at 6am tomorrow morning! I know that I have said that I wanted to go naturally but when it comes to the end and the date you had set in your mind goes by with no baby it is really hard in many ways. I have been thinking Jacob would arrive the last three weeks so my stress and nerves have been worn thin. I am ready to meet this little guy and feel now is the right time but still have doubts.

I have mixed feeling about being induced. It feels so unnatural, and it is not great to force your body into something ultimately it is not ready to do. I had the scare of my life when I was induced with Madison. That alone is why my nerves are on high alert. I have already cried twice today. I feel a little over whelmed at this moment right now. Taking matters in to my own hands comes naturally for me but in this case I am feeling guilty, scared, and nervous.
Telling myself the Doctor would not induce me if it wasn't safe helps a little. I am not sure what is worse at this point the waiting, heart burn and exhaustion... or the nerves from making the decision to be induced.
I have lots to do to prepare the girls and I for tomorrow, the next time I post will be from the Hospital!

All I can do is ask you all to pray for me, and pray myself. I know the Lord will take care of me and this baby.


tracie said...

praying for you!!! we love you and can't wait to hear that Jacob has arrived and that you both are doing well and recovering together!

lots of love from all of us,
tracie, ricky and isa

patti said...

We are excited that little Jacob is going to arrive soon. We'll be praying for you and trust that everything will go smoothly. I'll have skype on so you can maybe connect with Tracie and me in Peru. Wish we could be there to help you push! Love, Patti

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