Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween recap

This year Nathans mom helped with the costumes. It made this year so much more special! I had gotten Maddy a second hand Snow White costume off craigslist , she was really excited about being snow white this year for some reason. She had been telling me for awhile she wanted to be Snow white so I looked on craigslist everyday till we found the best one for the best price. I found one for $12! It came with the dress shoes and a crown! The dress was in need of some TLC!
I brought it home all excited to show Madison without realizing how Trinity might feel. We had already worked out with her that she would be Little Mermaid. Maddy had a costume from her Birthday last year that fit Trinity and it is super cute. Well when I brought in the new big poufy princess dress for Madison, Trinity felt left out and the once great Little Mermaid costume all of a sudden didn't live up to her Halloween costume expectations. When I tried to explain to her that Ariel was a princess and let her put on the costume she was not having it. She got out her favorite blanket with some of the princess on it laid it flat on the floor and said I wanna be dis princess Sweeping booty!! Peees Mommy!!

So I have come to the conclusion that even if I have a hand me down dress from big sister it is not fair to push it on Trinity and expect her to be ok with it when big sister gets a new beautiful princess dress. I never had sisters and I am the oldest child in my family so I never had to deal with these situations. Madison and Trinity are only 14 months apart and I will try my best as their Mom to always be fair when it comes to new things. Also to be sensitive to Trinity and try my best to always make her feel just as special. It is one thing to hand down clothes at this age and the next few years but when it comes to things like new beautiful princess dresses I need to be more aware of Trinity and her need to feel just as special.

So I called Grandma in to the rescue! I asked her if she would be willing to make Trinity a costume a sleeping beauty costume since that is what Trin asked for. She was more than willing! She looked threw some dress patterns she had and found one that would work perfect! She also had some fabric that would work and dyed it light pink. I had some sheer hot pink fabric form a photo shoot I was willing to part with so with a combined effort the Sleeping beauty dress turned out perfect! I will not take any credit Patti did all the work and it looked perfect! Trinity was so happy! It couldn't have been better! Grandma also did a lot of work on the Snow White dress I got for Madison. There was a reason I got it for only $12! It had a lot of tears and needed to be taken in. She of course did an amazing job making it look perfect!

She also made a tutu for Alexis! I had white tulle and bought some gold shimmery fabric, I would have done the tutu but Patti volunteered and had some ideas for it. It turned out great! Alexis looked beautiful! Like a real angel=)

So a big Thank You Grandma!! xoxox

Brandon was a jabbawockee... Not many people knew what he was and didn't get his costume but that is what he wanted. For those of you who are not sure of what a jabbawockee is, they are a dance crew that won the first season of MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew. Brandon likes to dance and really gets in to the show. It was by far the easiest costume to put together! Boys are so much easier!

We went to the Church Halloween party on Friday for a little bit, and then went around our neighborhood on Halloween we also craved pumpkins on Halloween. It was a lot of fun! My mom brother and nephew all came over to join in on the fun!
On Halloween as we were walking around I started having bad contractions so we cut it a little short with the girls and let the big kids stay out for a bit. They all got a lot of candy! It was a lot of fun! I am so happy it wasn't freezing this year! Oh and no rain!! We really lucked out!


patti said...

Oh, so much fun! Thanks for all the pics of everything, even the pumpkins all lit up!
You are a good momma to do all that for your kids. And we are glad to have a small part; it's so fun to watch them growing up.

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