Thursday, July 16, 2009

Feeling Great...

Sure is a great feeling! LOL
This week has been so much fun and it isn't over yet! Tracie Ricky and Isa finally arrived on Tuesday! It has been to much fun spending time with them. The girls just love each other. Trinity is really great with Isa she holds her hand and shows her things, she tends to pull on her a little hard at times but not to bad. Trinity doesn't understand how Isa can walk but can't do things crazy like her. It prolly makes the wheels turn in her head!
We are so happy to be able to spend this time with them. We will be sad to see them go. I am glad it isn't till the middle of August!
We are excited for the next few weeks and all the stuff we hope to do like the zoo, Seattle, beach, camping. I am looking forward to buliding the memories!! I will be updating as much as possible!

For now here are some pictures so far.
I love the sun in her hair


Best uncle in the world...
Her first time on a swing
All the girls
Beautiful Isa
Grandma and Grandpa having fun with Isa
She is a good swimmer!
She really like the water


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