Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It never ends

Today was day nine of antibiotics for the girls. All had gone well up until this morning, Madison woke up complaining that she itched and she was scratching her leg. I brought her in to the bathroom to examine her in the light. I was afraid she was having another hive episode, since it just happened a few months ago. Well she had a bunch of small red bumps all over her legs, she has a few cat scratches and they were red and swollen and irritated. She was really annoyed so I brought her down stairs and gave her some liquid benadryl and put benadryl cream on some of the really bad bumps and scratches. She didn't complain much more for a couple hours then I noticed that there were way more bumps and they moved to her face.
My first thought was chicken pox, not that we know anyone who has chicken pox but I really wasn't sure what else it could be. So I kept with the cream and liquid benadryl.
When she woke up from her nap it had gotten really bad. Nathan and I were examining her and all of a sudden I realized when I picked up the prescription I asked the pharmacist what the signs were of an allergic reaction and he said around day eight or nine a rash would occur. So I called the advise nurse to see if we needed to bring her in or if there was anything we could do to help her. Pretty much what I was doing was all we could do and to stop giving her the antibiotics. She has an appointment tomorrow morning they will check out her bumps and see if her ear infection's gone.
She is really bugged by all of this, she keeps scratching and asking for lotion to make it feel better. I feel so bad for her and when there is nothing you can really do it is frustrating. As a mommy you want to make it all go away and make it feels better. =(
All we can do now is pray for her that she will be comfortable enough to sleep, and we will get more answers tomorrow. Please say a prayer for her that this is just a mild reaction and she will get better soon.



patti said...

Poor thing. How did the appointment go? Give her hugs from us! And kisses, too.

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