Monday, January 12, 2009

Twilight Series

I finished the last book today. It was a great story. I wish that it wouldn't have been over so quickly! I am excited to see the movies. The first one was good but in true fashion the book was better.
One thing I do have to say is books like this sure do give young girls the wrong idea about love. Every girl wants the prince or the true love story but I am sorry to say love like this just don't exist!
I am happily married and love Nathan so much, but stories like this leave you wanting more from you spouse and it just is not healthy!! lol
I guess that is why it is just a book, but it would be nice if love like this was real. (minus the vampire/wolf thing)
New Moon is going to come out next November and then who knows about the last two. I hope they make them both! Having them a year apart stinks tho!

I would say if you are in need a a few tears and some blood pumping go read this series! I promise it won't let you down. I finished all four book in about two weeks New Moon in one day!! lol


Courtney said...

I looooove Twilight!! I've read them...twice. I'm now listening to them on my

I hated the movie. I'm hoping New Moon will be better.

Courtney said...

I borrowed the CD's from a friend and uploaded them to iTunes.

Courtney said...

She's doing really good.
Her doctor calls her "the question mark" because she never does anything normally. She is so hard to figure out. It's just so strange how she can go from soooo horribly sick to just fine in a matter of days. Say a prayer that this is really pneumonia and not something else. I don't think I could bear having them pull the fluid out of her lungs. It's such a horrible thought.

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