Thursday, December 4, 2008

Swfit change of plans!

*8:17am* He is here!!!!!! Cherissa did good, she pushed for a little over an hour. Baby Treyzon is here and healthy and all is well!

*7:00am* She is pushing!! Let's hope this baby comes fast!!!

*3:30am* Cherissa had to have her epidural removed and put back in. It now is working properly and she feels no pain! They just started pitocin(I hate that stuff) to help move things along, thank goodness! I am really tired but I drank a Redbull and wow did it ever give me wings.. well the shakes mostly=) I will be back with another update as soon as there is progress.

*2am* I was planning to blog about Thanksgiving tonight but at about 5pm I got a text message from my cousin letting me know she was in labor, at the hospital, and they were admitting her. So I took a shower got all my gear together and headed out. I got here at about 10pm. Not much has changed thus far. She is dilated to a five and got an epidural, for some reason the epidural is not working in her back and left side so they are in the process of trying to figure out why. They have tried a couple things and nothing is working. They are talking about taking it out and trying again!! Yikes..

I will keep this updated as things go. I feel like I am a pro at this! Cherissa will be the fourth person in the last 11 months that I have been threw this with! All I have to say about that is WOW this is good birth control!
Here is a pic of the beautiful Momma!


Patti Heuton said...

Cynthia, you are so wonderful to be there through all those births. I know your friends and your cousin must appreciate you beyond words! You were a real positive presence during Isabella's birth; I witnessed that first-hand.
Congratulations to Cherissa! I am looking forward to hearing more about baby Treyzon and seeing pictures.

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