Monday, September 8, 2008

School pictures Sassy Studios style

I am so happy that this year I get to take advantage of the fact that I am a photographer. I really hate the pictures schools take! but I always fall for the package of picture that you buy and get back and are most the time disappointed with(even if your kids are the cutest around) So this year I did Alexis and Brandon's pictures. I went to the park right by my house on Saturday. It was beautiful out! I am so happy with all of them. My babies are getting so big! I even took some of Madison. She over heard us talking all morning about going to the park and taking pictures of the big kids. When we got there she said "mommy I want my picture taken at the park too" So I took a few of her. Her eyes are so amazing. I didn't edit the picture of her at all! Her eyes are really that blue. How blessed I am am to have a blond, blue eyed girl! I hope you all enjoy the pictures. If you are sick of the same ol school pictures check out my Photography site and book a shoot, you won't regret it=)



Tiffany said...

These are gorgeous Cynthia! You are so talented. And Madison's eyes! They are so blue! Gorgeous.

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