Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Flash

I got a new flash for my camera yesterday it is a Nikon SB-600 AF Speedlight Flash. I am so excited! I got to try it out today on Aiden and the girls. It is really cool. I am taking a class on it soon, so I can really get to know how to use it to the best of it's ability.
Aiden was a great subject to work on he is such a cutie pie! I got some great shots of him, and Trinity and one of Madison falling off the kitchen table. lol I will post it. It was kinda crazy cuz I didn't mean to take the picture.
On another note the Kids started school this week. Alexis is in 7th grade and Brandon is in 4th. It was the first time I have got to have them on the first day of school. I took Alexis to her first day of Kindergarten but other then that I have missed out. Well this week I got to help them get ready and see them off! It was great, well until I walked out to the car at 8am to take them and realized I locked my keys in the car. =( SO there went taking them to school, but it all worked out there got there on time and it was all good. Alexis looked really cute in her new clothes and cute hair and Brandon looked like such a little man! I know everyone says this but my kids are the best looking kids around! =0
Oh I am sure yours are too.
Well here are some pictures I took with my flash I will post some of the kids later.


Love the lips!
This is Trinity in everyway!
Madison falling, kinda scary!
Aiden Jace
Angel baby

New Flash=)



Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

we had a nice anniversary. we just spent the whole day together (and with Bella of course). Ricky wanted to get me flowers and a gift but that day there happened to be protests and the whole city closed down! nothing was open so we just took a walk and watched all the people fill the streets. we even had rocks thrown at us! but in the evening everything had calmed down and so we went out to dinner. it was so nice and Isabella behaved like an angel so I got to enjoy my food and wine without hurrying!

I was blown away by this pic of Trinity, I can't believe she is so big already, a toddler for sure! what great photos. I'm jealous of your camera and photo classes!! haha.

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