Sunday, September 14, 2008

Over stimulation!

What a weekend! It all started Friday, Whitney, Jaden, Madison and my self went to Mcdonalds so the kids could play. It was Jaden's actual birthday so we wanted to do something special, but not too much. We decided McDonalds was perfect for a couple hours. I laid Trinity down for a nap at my moms so it was a 0protunity to spend time with Madison and do some bigger girl stuff. We did a little shopping at Target, then headed home.

I got to go to dinner with Whitney's family for a bigger birthday celebration. We went to Benihana's. It is my first time going and I really loved it. I started out with some sushi. I got a California roll, it was so yummy. That is not part of the 5 course meal, the first thing you get is soup, it is a light onion broth, really light but a great flavor. then you get salad it was good I ate it with chop it was funny. Then you get your rice, and grilled shrimp. Next they grill the vegis, onions, and zucchini. They take the onion slices and stack them to make a volcano, it is cool. Next they cook your meat and some mushrooms. It all is just really good. I will be going back for sure. It is reasonably priced for how much food you get. You won't leave hungry that is for sure. We brought the cupcakes me made from the day before. Jaden of couse had one and they sang
Happy Birthday to him. I think he had a great Birthday.
Saturday was a fun day, me Nathan and the girls woke up early and had some Breakfast.I made my yummy goulash. It was nice to have some Family alone time in the middle of such a busy weekend. We got ready and Madison and I went to ChuckeCheeses. I just have to say that that is the worst place to go on a Saturday afternoon. There are just way to many people there, the staff is not organized and it was a really stressful situation.
All that matters is Jaden had a good time and so did all the kids. It just reconfirmed that I will never have a birthday party there for my kids!!!!!! We did get some cute pictures. =0

After the party we all parted ways to relax and gather our brain! I came home and laid down with Madison for awhile. She watched a movie and I rested. It was great after the wrath of the Mouse house!!
Saturday night us Moms decided we owed it to our self's to go out and have some mom time. Whitney, Kelli and I met up with some old friends at Back Alley. We had a really great time. We have to enjoy or Mom time and live it up. You never know when the next time will be.
I had to take a picture with my lover face!
Me and Kelli!
Me and my Whit!
Today was going to be a hot day! I decided that we needed to have and end of the summer BBQ. I invited lots of people over and started cooking. There couldn't be anything better then friends and family on a hot day to hang out and eat some food and catch up. The weather was beautiful! The kids played and played. They swam in the mini pool and the bigger kids got to use the slip and slide. We all ad a great time! It makes me sad that summer is coming to an end. We are hoping to get one more camping trip in before the weather gets to bad! If you want to go let us know. The more the better! Here are some pics from the BBQ and a couple random at the end. I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I am going to sleep now and doing nothing tomorrow!!!
Fortune playing in the water.

Cool pic of Pete.

The kids loved petting the Chickens.
Kelli and Aiden
My beautiful cousin Cherissa
Josie came too!
Pete and his pose!

Rizzo on the hammock
KIKI.. we just love her!
My dad and brother helping me cook!
Dig in
The steak!

Go Ryan Go!
Fortune is just like her momma
Trinity loved her some popcicle
She couldn't get enough!
My baby Trinity.
Just me


Susanne said...

Great pictures! It's a fun hobby, isn't it? :-) And I LOVE Bennehanna's, too!

Tiffany said...

Wow! What a great post! It looks like you all had a great time. And great pictures. I too love Benihana's...delicious. Oh and Chuck E Cheese's is pretty good too. Can't go wrong with pizza! yeah!

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