Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A scary day at the Hospital

Yesterday did not go as planned! I woke up around 8am like I usually do, I picked up the baby and immediately knew he was way too hot and was breathing funny like he couldn't catch his breath. I got out the ear thermometer and took his temp. I was in shock when it read 104.7!! I immediately called the Dr. and got an appointment for noon. I got all the kids ready and took Alexis to school (a little late) she helped me get everything together. I went to my mom’s house to watch the girls. I took his temp again and it was the same. I was really worried at this point because I gave him Tylenol an hour before and it was not helping. So I went to his appointment a little early. They did an assessment on him and decided to send him over to the Hospital. They were concerned he had pneumonia.
We got to the Hospital and checked in. I was really scared at this point and already had cried! He is so small and I have never had to go through anything like this with any of the other kids at such a young age.
When we first went in they checked his oxygen it was at 80%, very concerning! They did a bunch of tests and gave him a breathing treatment, an IV for fluids, and then decided it was best to admit him. At that point I was really scared and nervous. I was there alone and had no one to talk to about what was happening and just broke down crying. My emotions and mind were on hyper drive.
Once we were in his room and settled the Dr. came in to take a look and make her assessment.
The major concern is that he has bronchiolitis.
They said it's what used to be called RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), which
Nathans brother Gabe was hospitalized for when he was 8 months old. It has changed over the
years into a more serious form and is called bronchiolitis. He also has an ear infection and received antibiotic through the IV for that.
Thank goodness Nathan arrived after work for a little emotional support. I felt so much better once he walked in the room!

Jacob is doing better and we are home from the
hospital, in fact, we were released in the middle of the night around 1am.
His oxygen level went up to 95%. When we were released his temp was down to 101.
They gave him medication through an inhaler and sent it home with us. He has to have a treatment every four hours. He hates it and freaks out every time.
It is very likely that since he had this before 1 year old, that he will
have asthma, but only time will tell.
What a scare, but the worst is over and it's back to managing it all at home. Also, the girls are
recovering from illness and Madison is on antibiotics for a double ear
infection herself. I have had a long week!!

I found some inner strength I did not know I had. What I really feel is that it mostly came from the Lord and all your prayers. So thank you!
I will keep you all updated if anything changes.


patti said...

What an experience! Thankfully he is doing better, amazing how quickly the right medication and medical attention can turn things around! What a little sweetheart he is. The Lord will see you through it all, so don't forget to lean on Him any time!

Tracie said...

what a doll he is! i'm so glad that he is okay. we luv you all

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