Monday, October 5, 2009

33 Weeks pregnant & a name

I have to say that time is flying by. It is crazy that in less then two months I will be holding my new baby boy. The first four months were horrible! I have never been more sick in my life. I was sick all the way up to five months. The last month was not horrible but I was still throwing up a couple times a week. Other then that everything has gone more then normal. The baby is growing good and moving around like crazy! I have been feeling the weight of the baby on my bladder more and more everyday!! That is the one thing I hate about pregnancy going pee 900,000,000 times a day!!! No fun! I was tested last week for preterm labor since Trinity was so early, and all tests came back negative. So that was great news. I am hoping the next few weeks will go by fast and I will have enough energy to keep up with all my little munchkins.

We are going to have a baby shower this month. I am so excited to celebrate having a boy! It is the last time I will ever have a baby shower or a baby! So I hope to celebrate big! We will have it here at our house, Nathans mom and my mom are throwing it, it should be perfect! I made the Invitations and had a lot of fun doing it.

We have finally decided on a name: Jacob Heuton, no middle name yet. We are still throwing middle names around. I am glad we got his first named decided on. It took us forever!!!

He is due November 24th but we thought it would be really great if he was born on November 13th. Madison and Trinity were both born on the 13th. Nathan said he would never forget there birthdays that

I will try to keep everyone updated as things progress and will for sure be giving you all the rundown when I get to the Hospital. =)


Courtney said...

Awww...sweet name!

I think you should have him on the 25th! That way he and Emma can be birthday buddies!

Ricky and Tracie said...

yeah! I'm so happy to be home finally and have time to read your posts! i can't believe you already have a name. my mom told me the other day. how'd you decide on that one? good for nathan to finally say yes to something. lol. jacob is a good and strong name. i like it. i can't wait to meet him!

patti said...

We are excited about our little grandson Jacob! I'm glad you're feeling better and that we will meet him in just a few weeks! I think the 13th sounds like a great idea, if he is ready. All four of mine were overdue but it doesn't seem like you have that problem! Looking forward to a FUN baby shower.

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