Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids Club Vancouver, WA

This place is so awesome!!

Madison and Trinity love going to Kids club. It is a huge jungle of slides tubes balls and pretty much whatever you can think of to keep your kids busy for three hours. I usually go for about three hours but the funny thing is they are not wanting to leave even tho they are super worn out and have climbed and played on everything twenty times. It is a little spendy around $5.00 each kid. Well for me it is worth it. They have so much fun and by time we get home they are all worn out and take around three hour naps!! That to me is worth the five bucks for sure!
We have been going twice a month. It is a great way to network with people about my Photography too. I usually have my nice camera with me and take tons of pictures. It is a conversation starter for sure. They oh and aww over my big lens. Then ask if I am a photographer, I give them my card and chat about how I started taking pictures and what not. I have even gotten there email address and sent them pictures of there kids I have taken while playing with the girls. (Madison sure can make a friend in about three seconds.)

So if you live in Vancouver you should check it out. Or if you want to come along with me it is a great way to get some Mom chat time in while the kids play.

Here are a few pics of the girls playing.


patti said...

That looks like so much fun, wish I was a kid again!

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